LM007 Wifi

We using Colibri Vf61 with Linux image 2.7 for our application

  1. We use a USB Wifi as part of our application
  2. We have been using LM006 with ChipSet RTL8188CU which is working properly for us
  3. We changed the module to LM007 which has RTL8188EU due to unavailability of LM006 but driver is not detected
  4. What steps are to be done to install the driver


Currently there is no “nice” driver for RTL8188EU chip based network card. You can try on 2.8b2 BSP, we’ve enabled support for some untested RTL8188EU based modules.

Is there a way i can add the same in 2.7

so it works with 2.8?

We have not checked with v2.8 image . We would like to do the same in 2.7

You’ll need to compile custom image with backports from 2.8 branch.

Can you please detail the steps

Hi Aneesh

To compile an old kernel image with backports the new drivers is a long process. Before doing that, you should really check, if LM006 is working with the 2.8 Image. Once you are sure, it is working, then we can give you some additional Information how you can backport the working driver to Bsp 2.7.

We will check and get back

ok, thanks for the update.