Live streaming of usb web camera

Hello Experts,
I am running ffmpeg udp streaming in Ubuntu pc and want to play the live video in toradex imx6 apalis board.
I can play the live video in other ubuntu pc using the ffplay command.

ffplay udp://

And I can’t find this ffplay tool in toradex board. I installed the ffmpeg package through yocto build.

So can you please help to find some tool to do live stream in toradex imx6 apalis board.
It would be good if it’s vlc, ffplay, gstreamer, player etc.,

Thanks for your help.


Note that we from Toradex has neither the expertise nor the time to support this kind of high level questions.

Maybe the following post can help some?

Or the NXP community has some posts about this, e.g. here: