List of tools to build and debug FreRTOS application on Cortex-M4 of Verdin iMX8M Mini

I’m interested in evaluating Verdin iMX8M Mini and I need info on which tools can be used to develop (i.e. compile and debug) a FreeRTOS application on Cortex-M4.
I find this in the KB, but it only mention cross-compilation from Linux and describes how to start the application.
I don’t see any info on how to debug (i.e. add breakpoints, step-by-step execution, …).

For the MX8QM used in Apalis I see that some preliminary integration in VSCode should be available (even if the document is one year and a half old.

Can you give me a full list of tool that can be used to develop on Cortex-M4 of Verdin iMX8M Mini?

@gauravks and @maksimus47 might be interesting for us.

Tools to develop and debug Cortex M4 application are not Toradex specific. You can use an NXP provided MCUXpresso.

Hello @Alex.tx

if MCUXpresso is Toradex suggestion, can you upgrade the KB with some information?

The M4 debugging is not Toradex specific. So you can use any existing tool for an iMX8M mini.

Hello @alex.tx

one more thing: in Keil Packs I see there are some BSP (Board Support Packages) for Colibri iMX7 and VF61 modules.

I suppose they have been developed by Toradex.

Does Toradex have plans to release packs for Verdin iMX8M SoM too?

Greetings @vix!

For the i.MX 8-based modules, we’re offering what NXP offers, which is the MCUXpresso SDK. We try to offer some documentation, but not any specific tooling.

Hi @gustavo.tx

can you provide me link to Toradex KB with information on how to use MCUXpresso SDK with i.MX8-based modules?

This would be really useful.

Thanks in advance

Hi @vix!

Please refer to this article:

This is somewhat based on the Getting Started document that comes with the MCUXpresso SDK.

I have particularly tested the instructions that are on our developer website and they’re working for me.

Hi @gustavo.tx

it seems that you develop using a Linux PC.

Do you have the same instructions using a Windows PC for the development?


Hello @vix!

Unfortunately we don’t have instructions for Windows. I was only able to test this on Linux and Mac, which work in a very similar fashion.

However, it seems that, when downloading the SDK, the Windows option also provides it with the GCC Arm Embedded-based build system, so instructions should be very similar.

Currently I don’t have a Windows PC to test this out, but I believe the documentation that comes with the SDK might mention how to build this on Windows. After your build is done, you can proceed with the instructions on our article on how to run this on your target using U-Boot.

Hello @gustavo.tx
some months passed away from the first post.
Do you have any update on developing under Windows with Verdin iMx8M Mini?

Hi @vix !

Currently, the only documentation that references Windows (that we are aware of) is that from NXP’s Getting Started for i.MX8M Mini (e.g. section 5.2). This PDF is part of MCUXpresso.

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