List of compatible miniPCIe cards


is there a list somewhere with compatible products for miniPCIe cards for both, the iMX6 and the TK1 which are known to work under a Toradex Linux-BSP?
I tried a Gigabit Ethernet card with a realtek RTL8111 chip and a USB3.0 card with Renesas uPD720202 chip. They both get detected (visible under lspci), but apparently there is no driver support (“lspci -nk” lists no drivers for them)

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There is no list of miniPCIE Cards for IMX6 and TK1 which works good under Linux Bsp. You can choose any PCIe Etherne Cards with Intel, Marvell or Broadcom Chipset which have good Linux Drivers.

We don’t recommend you to use Ethernet Cards with RealTek chipset, since there is no driver support in Linux. Additionally it seems that the Renesas USB 3.0 Controller have also issue with Linux as stated here.

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Hmm, here they do use TK1 with an ethernet PCI device which lists as “Realtek RTL8111/8168/8411” - and it does list a kernel driver in use: r8169. Note that none of the numbers in the lspci output matches that driver number… maybe that one covers more than one device version.
Jetson/Jetson TK1 System Info - (-> “Show the PCI devices”)
As stated earlier, on my TK1 and iMX6 boards, no driver was loaded.
The Toradex TK1 L4T, as well as the iMX6 LXDE source trees do have the “r8169” driver present, though.
What do I make of that?
I have looked for cards using ICs of the chip vendors you mentioned, without success. I have found one PCIe card with an older PCIe 1.0a chip RTL8168 (not bought so far).

Added: Interestingly, the renesas USB 3 card does work on the TK1 - I hadn’t tried it there before. (the network card would not get a driver loaded on either board, so after seeing no driver for the USB card on iMX6, I didn’t think of trying on TK1 at first.)

Please note that you may need to compile a custom kernel resp. kernel module for/with whatever driver actually enabled. Concerning Realtek there are of course certain drivers available but especially the Wi-Fi ones are super crappy.