List of all images available for iMX8


While recovering iMX8 board I saw a big number of different images (several dozens) in the window of Toradex Installer.

Does exist some resource where I can find the whole list of images, available for iMX8 with short description of features for each image ?


Short description plus release version and date provided directly at Toradex Easy installer window.

More information available here -

If you need more detailed information about a specific image that is not listed in the link above, please leave a question here with a brief description and version N shown in the Toradex Easy installer window.

Well …
I installed Toradex Embedded Linux Console, that I didn’t see on the link you provided.

Once login, I executed ls instruction … and saw nothing.

What is this Toradex Embedded Linux Console ?

Does exist some manual on what is it ?

It’s a Linux OS with console only
interface (no GUI)

You are probably the smartest person I’ve ever seen.

Are you one of the 2020 Nobel Prize nominees?

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