Linux toradex 5.4 no support to ecryptFs?

Trying to mount a partition on my colibri-imx6dl, however, getting the following error:

Unable to get the version number of the kernel
module. Please make sure that you have the eCryptfs
kernel module loaded, you have sysfs mounted, and
the sysfs mount point is in /etc/mtab. This is
necessary so that the mount helper knows which 
kernel options are supported.

Make sure that your system is set up to auto-load
your filesystem kernel module on mount.
# uname -r
# modprobe ecryptfs
modprobe: FATAL: Module ecryptfs not found in directory /lib/modules/5.4.129+g828ec42a6a32+p5

How can I enable it?

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To enable eCryptfs on your Colibri-iMX6DL module running Linux kernel version 5.4.129, you will need to ensure that the eCryptfs kernel module is included in your kernel configuration and built into the kernel or as a loadable module. Here are the steps to enable eCryptfs support:

  1. Kernel Configuration: You need to configure the kernel to include eCryptfs. This can be done by modifying the kernel configuration before building it. Access the kernel configuration menu by running make menuconfig from your kernel source directory.

  2. Enable eCryptfs: In the kernel configuration menu, navigate to File systems > Miscellaneous filesystems, and ensure that eCryptfs is selected. It can either be built into the kernel (<*>) or as a module (<M>). If you choose to build it as a module, the module name will be ecryptfs.ko.

  3. Rebuild and Deploy the Kernel: After enabling eCryptfs, save the configuration and exit the menu. Then, rebuild the kernel and its modules with make zImage modules dtbs and deploy them to your Colibri-iMX6DL module.

  4. Loading the eCryptfs Module: If eCryptfs was built as a module, you can load it manually using modprobe ecryptfs or ensure it auto-loads at boot by adding ecryptfs to the /etc/modules file on your target system.

  5. Verifying eCryptfs Support: After loading the eCryptfs module, verify its availability by checking the list of loaded modules with lsmod | grep ecryptfs. You should see ecryptfs listed if the module is loaded correctly.

  6. Mounting eCryptfs: With eCryptfs enabled and the module loaded, you should now be able to mount your encrypted partitions using the mount command with the appropriate eCryptfs options.

If you encounter the error regarding the kernel version number or module loading after following these steps, double-check that sysfs is mounted (mount | grep sysfs) and that /etc/mtab is correctly populated. Some systems use /proc/mounts symlinked to /etc/mtab for compatibility.

Remember, this guidance assumes you have access to the kernel source and the necessary tools to rebuild and deploy the kernel to your device. If your system setup differs significantly, adjustments to these instructions may

Please, also check if these links can help you solve your problem:

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Also happening with dm_mod (cryptsetup and luks):

+ cryptsetup luksOpen /mnt/20240522164007.bin media
Cannot initialize device-mapper. Is dm_mod kernel module loaded?
Cannot use device media, name is invalid or still in use.

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