Linux terminal access without UART

I am using Imx7D with IRIS board and 7 touch graphics.
Console Linux image is 3.0b4
I some problems and queries.
The explanation in developer section are good somewhere and are also confusing at some places for a new user.

Please keep following this questions unless i setup the system correctly. I need help only to understand the hardware possibilities and once i understand the hardware, i can start developing my application.

I am trying to build a simple hello world program but i am stuck in setting up my system/board from last 3 weeks.
So to start with first of all i want to know all possible information as below.
My requirement is very clear. I will use embedded Linux and develop my applications for that to start with and understand the development procedure.

  1. Can i access Linux terminal on my Host without UART? what are the other possible option. FYI, I also have a touch screen display but i need to know all possible ways.

  2. When i connect my keyboard to Iris Board to type commands on console of my board’s touch screen, the keyboard does not work. The keyboard is tested with my PC.

  3. What are the ways to boot from SD card? when i want to load a new image, i go to recovery mode as shown is the developer forum but its too hectic procedure. Please suggest simple procedure so that i can test many images as i want.

  4. Give me a list of variables/features that can be modified in uEnv file to get modified results. for example, i used a variable to change resolution of the screen. I want to know what other possibilities are there which i can control through other files without touching the Linux image provided by Toradex.

  5. Tell me the procedure to make my device IP static so that when i flash a new image i know what IP would be assigned to my device and later on i can change it through terminal or so.

hello nadim4114,

First have you tried our getting started guides ?

This Is a very easy way to get started.

  1. Yes, you can SSH into your board over Ethernet.
  2. Well, it should work please try to use a powered hub and check if it is working. An also try to have it plug in during boot. Also, check over the URAT console with LSUSB if it has detected the Keyboard.
  3. Check out the article about the toradex Easy installer. Downloads & Installers | Toradex Developer Center
  4. Well If you don’t want to touch the Linux Image provided by us you should better use Toradex Torizion Image. the usual way in Embedded Linux is to build your own Image using the yocto project. Or you use a pre build Torizon. Torizon | Toradex Developer Center
  5. High performance, low power Embedded Computing Systems | Toradex Developer Center

Best Matthias

I did not have a UART compatible pin so could not check all other points like whether my keyboard is detected, what is IP address of my board and also not able to establish SSH.

The boards which I used previously had micro USB so I could do it.

I will test as soon as I have UART IDC connector.

The link which you provided for making my device IP address static is very complicated and not to the point. I want to make the IP address of the device fix whenever I flash a new image for e.g when I flash torizon, and then my device should get IP This will make me sure that after fresh installation, I have to use the same IP to connect to device. After wards I can change my device IP through application or commands.
Please suggest

Hello Nadim,

yes we could have added a ftdi chip onto the board but this would add a lot of cost to the board.
And the console UART is usually used during R&D.
Therefore we have the carrier-board-accessory-kit with all the cable needed.

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I have got an IDC connector and I am now able to the establish a serial connection to my board and see the boot screen. I do not know the exact word for that.

This is something i got to now first time that motherboards can be debugged using these pins.

Since I am new to this, Can you give me a short idea what is the screen/messages on UART all about?
So that I can explore the parameters and we can close this discussion.

I mean what are the possibilities with this port.

Can I download modified bootloader and test it?

Can I download a simple hello world program and run to the baord via this port if I do not have OS on it?

Any useful links in this would be helpful.

Right after boot it’s a U_Boot console. Documentation available here -

Then if you immediately after boot don’t press space bar at terminal program linked to debug serial port - U_Boot will start Linux and you will have a Linux console. Lot’s of documents available here -

Thank you @alex.tx ,

I will explore now.


Hello Nadim,