Linux Splash Screen Weirdness

I’m having some strange issues when trying to get the splash screen working on an Apalis T30 during boot.

Our platform is using a 7" display which has a resolution of 1024x600, hooked up to the LVDS port.

Having followed this guide to the letter, I see no splash screen. The framebuffer console has been disabled as mentioned in the article yet the splash screen is still not visible.

However, what I can confirm is this: if I change the size of the splash screen image from 1024x600 to another size (say 800x480) then go through the motions to convert it to an ASCII PPM file, the splash screen is then successfully displayed. Its almost as if either there is a maximum file size for the splash image or 1024x600 is too large for the image.

Any clues, please?

Also, how can one replace the logo shown in u-boot?


I’m a bit astonished that it does not work with an Apalis T30 as our article has been done with the same kernel version and display resolution, albeit tested for a Colibri T20.

With other modules I’ve seen something similar that the kernel reserved at least one line for text output at the bottem and then an image with the full display height was to large and silently not displayed.
One cheap way out would be an image which is a little smaller than the screen resolution to overcome that.

Could you send the full dmesg output? Maybe I can see something from that.

Also, how can one replace the logo shown in u-boot?

Please have a look here.


Thanks @max.tx, I’ve managed to come up with a solution like I explained in my original question.

Seems a little odd though but when I get more time, I’ll re-investigate differing sizes of image to see if there is a hard-and-fast way to break it.

Thanks for the link to the u-boot logo splash, I don’t know how I missed that guide!