Linux LXDE desktop freezes when moving windows


so I’ve set the video output according to this thread: VGA not working

Now if in LXDE desktop, using resolutions such as 960x600 or 800x600, if I open e.g. a terminal window and drag it around the screen a bit, it will move for a few seconds, then the desktop freezes (nothing moves, mouse cursor disappears) for about 30 seconds, then it wakes up again. This happens every time.

Can this be remedied?

hi @skipin

What is your application? Why do you want to move the terminal window around?

There is no concrete application right now.
I just thought a desktop where screen content can’t change significantly would not provide a proper user experience for any graphical application and therefore something can’t be right, maybe it has wider impact than just the desktop.
If it’s certain that it’s just that the board is not optimized for that graphical stuff, there is no problem (in my case) I guess.

Actually it depends on your application. You can have graphical application without any desktop using X11 or QT, which will much smoother than a solution with desktop. Could you update to the version 2.8b4 and try if you got the same behaviour? Thanks.