Linux Kernel Update Using Serial Port Only

Can someone point me to a “How-To” showing how to update a new, right-out-of-the-box Colibri SoM using Easy Installer via the serial port only; i.e., no display, keyboard, or mouse — using the ‘minicom’ app — along with a USB Stick or SD Card containing the kernel image?

Thank you,

Unfortunately, the Toradex Easy Installer does not (yet) support controlling via the serial port. However, you may just use a USB stick or SD card with an extracted BSP image in Toradex Easy Installer format which has the autoinstall property set. Should you not have your boot loader, device tree, kernel or root file system already available as a Toradex Easy Installer package, you may find some information about how to manually package it that way here.

Thank you for this: I will try this method…

You are very welcome.