Linux Kernel update strategy


I like to know the roadmap for the kernel inside toradex linux BSPs. We’re using Verdin IMX8MM with BSP 5.2. which contains a Linux kernel 5.4.x.
Even the newest BSP5.5 is using a kernel of version 5.4.x.

Linux 5.4 is now more than 2 years old, so I like to know when you will upgrade to a much more recent kernel. Is there a general strategy how often you will upgrade kernel versions?

Or let me ask differently: What is the strategy for security patching in such “old” kernel versions?

We need to give our customers clear answers to those questions.

Thanks and best regards, Klaus

Hello @klausci,
We usually update major versions of the kernel together with major versions of our BSP.
We select kernel versions that are LTS so that we have a good guarantee that they will be supported upstream with security patches and necessary backports.
If you look here you’ll see that the kernel 5.4 has planned support upstream until December / 2025, and this fits in our window of LTS support for BSP versions (see here for more information).
This is done in order to get a good balance between stability and good security patch coverage.

Best regards,
Rafael Beims