Linux image with real time kernel to Colibri IMX6

Hi, I want to build a Linux image with real time kernel to use in Colibri IMX6.
The kernel version 3.14.52 is the latest, so I want to use this version.

Maybe using OE is the easiest way to do it. But I tried some ways with no success.
Below is compilation result.

Can you help to build an Linux image with RT kernel version 3.14.52 to Colibri imx6 ?


The yocto project / oe-core does a terrible job handling multiple kernels within a build. The best solution is to create a new instance of the build system - ie. new ‘oe-core’ - and re-initialize from scratch. You’ll probably want to do this with LinuxImageV2.6 or LinuxImageV2.6.1 - but not LinuxImageV2.6.2 (or LinuxImageV2.6.2-next) since iMX6 is upgraded to Linux 4.1 in V.2.6.2 for which we’ve yet to create an rt recipe.

Then, before beginning any builds, edit ‘conf/local.conf’ to include this line (along with other necessary changes - e.g. ACCEPT_FSL_EULA = “1”):

PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel = "linux-toradex-rt"

Finally, you can build an image or ‘virtual/kernel’.

Hi Brandon.

Thanks a lot for your help.

I was with Ubuntu 16.04 and I was not having success in compilation process.

So I installed Ubuntu 14.04 and followed Toradex tutorial for Openembedded, also inserting this line in local.conf file:

PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel = “linux-toradex-rt”

Another change that I made was to disable Vivante driver support at file fsl-vivante-kernel-driver-handler.bbclass in directory meta-fsl-arm/classes/:

Handle Vivante kernel driver setting:

0 - machine does not have Vivante GPU driver support

1 - machine has Vivante GPU driver support


After these steps, I had just warnings with command:

bitbake angstrom-lxde-image

Now my Colibri imx6 DL is running with RT kernel.

Thanks and have happy holidays.

@guilherme.barsoti Great to hear - thanks for the update!