Linux colibri t30, at boot detect if watchdog kicked. (boot reason)

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We would like to detect at boot if the CPU watchdog kicked (/dev/watchdog0). According to this
watchdog article
a kernel message should appear when this happens.

[    4.447307] tegra_wdt tegra_wdt: last reset due to watchdog timeout

When the watchdog kicked, this message is not shown unfortunately. The article also states there is a Toradex custom driver used. Where is this driver implemented, so I can very we do have this present. Or is there another way to find out if the watchdog triggered the reset?

hello @markvdputten and Welcome to the Community!

Could you provide the version of the Hardware and Software of your module? Which carrier Board are you using?

I reproduced your issue on using dev/watchdog1 on Bsp 2.7b4 and Bsp 2.8:
In Bsp 2.8, there is a message showing the ResetReason: WDG if the reset is due to Watchdog.

For the kernel message, I also did not see anything. Thus, we will look into this issue and come back soon to you.

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We have a custom main board, and a custom os based on poky with a lot of parts derived from toradex bsp. What I mean to say is that it is not exactly like a Toradex provided BSP, what I am working with.

Knowing if the watchdog kicked, is very valuable information.

If you find anything related I am very interested.

Hi @markvdputten

Currently the watchdog driver for Colibri T30 does not provide any Information if the Reset was done by Watchdog. However you get this Information for U-Boot. So you just need to pass this Information from U-Boot to Linux kernel.

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hi @markvdputten: Is this issue solved now?

HI @markvdputten
Have you any new Information regarding this issue?