Linux BSP 6.4.0+build.8 + Iris-v2 doesn't work X12 (micro USB)

My platform IMX8X (4core+wifi) + Iris-v2

Has anyone reported this bug?
In official BSP 6.4 doesn’t work X12 (micro USB) on carrier board Iris v2

How to reproduce:

  1. Download official 6.4.0+build.8 link
  2. Write to device
  3. Change fdt_board
    fw_setenv fdt_board iris-v2

after restart X12 not exists for Linux
zero reaction of the linux system after connecting USB device to X12
(if connect to normal USB [X11] all works OK)

My dmesg
dmesg.txt (32.4 KB)

my experiments:

  • I copy [device tree] freescale folder from kernel from 6.3 to 6.4 , it didn’t help

Hello @MariusM ,
Are you using an OTG cable to connect the USB device to X12?

Best regards,

Yes !
I use X12 to write ToradexEasyInstaller in recovery mode

  1. Enter recovery mode over JP1 (iris-v2)
  2. Run on windows recovery-windows.bat (from Colibri-iMX8X_ToradexEasyInstaller_5.7.2+build.14)
  3. Wait about 15s
  4. tigervnc ( this IP is from X12 OTG)
  5. select image from USB memory
  6. restart
    at this moment X12 works OK
  7. change in uboot fdt_board to iris-v2
    without this LVDS doesn’t work ,
  8. restart
    at this moment X12 doesn’t work (host and device)

on the same device, image 6.3 works without problems

Hello @MariusM ,
I am able to reproduce the issue with 6.4.0+build.8

Which exact version do you use? I tried with 6.3.0+build.7 and the issue persists when I change the device tree to iris-v2

Best regards,

I’m investigating !
I’m sorry, I didn’t notice that this wasn’t the official version
And few changes in kernel in workspace folder :frowning: + our meta folder
X12 runs on this version:

Build Configuration:  |
DISTRO = tdx-xwayland
DISTRO_VERSION = 6.3.0-devel-20230710201323+build.0
Layer Revisions:      |
meta-toradex-nxp  = HEAD:e99f1d4656f9d80b9991728e12b8f7f27bf325d9
meta-freescale    = HEAD:c90c2c2f18badca14439e01bd3e891d1fd99b255
meta-freescale-3rdparty = HEAD:fa18e5bf5abdabcc37d4bfbc3c46713cd9d19e2e
meta-toradex-ti   = HEAD:9f4ee899fcbb3ea3039ab8e05bcfbc6c58dec75d
meta-arm-toolchain = HEAD:96aad3b29aa7a5ee4df5cf617a6336e5218fa9bd
meta-arm          = HEAD:96aad3b29aa7a5ee4df5cf617a6336e5218fa9bd
meta-ti-bsp       = HEAD:1743b0101984094cb74fed9105afd59de110a044
meta-ti-extras    = HEAD:1743b0101984094cb74fed9105afd59de110a044
meta-toradex-bsp-common = HEAD:f7ff10a3b560dcf4e258115da679d1f864e09837
meta-oe           = HEAD:5f120a926b0fcd55cfe7565bb7ddf23661cad498
meta-filesystems  = HEAD:5f120a926b0fcd55cfe7565bb7ddf23661cad498
meta-gnome        = HEAD:5f120a926b0fcd55cfe7565bb7ddf23661cad498
meta-xfce         = HEAD:5f120a926b0fcd55cfe7565bb7ddf23661cad498
meta-networking   = HEAD:5f120a926b0fcd55cfe7565bb7ddf23661cad498
meta-multimedia   = HEAD:5f120a926b0fcd55cfe7565bb7ddf23661cad498
meta-python       = HEAD:5f120a926b0fcd55cfe7565bb7ddf23661cad498
meta-freescale-distro = HEAD:d5bbb487b2816dfc74984a78b67f7361ce404253
meta-toradex-demos = HEAD:4860e75022c791cc7157a8ebf7e30befe5c0cc75
meta-qt5          = HEAD:bff5bd937f0776166e81a63f3dd39ede348ef758
meta-toradex-distro = HEAD:50942e30e5d81e3894fd4db3d8b79e2cb53d2a9b
meta-poky         = HEAD:4f81a08e7b655968266211cfc943085a69865a90
meta              = HEAD:717b9f18a51e9c9fd5a471238aa2ea4de439ef17
meta-dram  = master:87bc38894fb47a4bff8cb09d34fd9300ebbd39de -- modified
workspace         = <unknown>:<unknown> -- modified
NAME="TDX Wayland with XWayland"
VERSION="6.3.0-devel-20230705204346+build.0 (kirkstone)"
PRETTY_NAME="TDX Wayland with XWayland 6.3.0-devel-20230705204346+build.0 (kirkstone)"

I build today new image based on current 6.3 and this build kill X12 USB :frowning:

I’m looking for differences

@josep.tx Thank you for confirming the issue

@josep.tx Results of the investigation
The problem appears in the version 8a4d409a07bde76b7b6e17b72bc8f25dc35ea83b

aa0ff7e3554e578b665ce8f3daeab37672a9c440 2023-03-29 is OK
2276f375f15273382da1d2f3abb4a5b8ecb8051d 2023-04-03 is OK
8a4d409a07bde76b7b6e17b72bc8f25dc35ea83b 2023-04-12 kill USB X12

I do devtool modify linux-toradex in one version after that change to 6.3 and have old kernel in 6.3,
I forgot to do devtool reset linux-toradex after change BSP version

temporary solution:
add linux-toradex_5.15-2.1.x.bbappend (BSP 6.3)

SRCREV_machine = "2276f375f15273382da1d2f3abb4a5b8ecb8051d "
SRCBRANCH = "toradex_5.15-2.1.x-imx"

Hello @MariusM ,
First of all thanks for the detailed investigation :slight_smile:
Just an additional question: if you use eval-v3 instead of iris-v2, does it cause you any specific problems?

Best regards,

on eval-v3 I don’t have image on LVDS (or I can’t turn it on) , apart from that everything works .

If you fix kernel, do not hesitate to send me a message

Hi @josep.tx,

BSP 6.4.0 on Colibri IMX8DX, kernel:

SRCBRANCH = "toradex_5.15-2.2.x-imx"
SRCREV_machine = "67c3153d20ffa162269f9ba758a456c69f711d5b"

eval-v3 configured, OTG works normally in both modes.

@John1 the problem occurs only when set uboot variable fdt_board to iris-v2.
On default eval-v3 X12 works OK , but LVDS doesn’t work

My HW platform is IMX8x(4cores + wifi) + Iris-2.0

Just wanted to make sure Toradex knows it is not an exception. I also have custom carrier board, derived from Iris v2, so I was interested how it works on my HW.

Hello @John1 ,

Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile:
In the future, please don’t hesitate to report issues like this one in the community. It helps us to improve our products.

Best regards,

Hi Josep,

do not worry. I just did not have the opportunity to test BSP 6 sooner than today.


fix in linux-toradex.git f1e9843b283ea49061486ea96edbd7321a4c88b6