Linux Booting VF50 from SD card


I’m getting the following error on trying to boot Linux from SD Card o VF50:

Colibri VFxx # run sdboot                                                                                                                    
Booting from MMC/SD card...
** Invalid partition 2 **
Colibri VFxx # 

I followed the instruction on

$ sudo parted /dev/sdX mklabel gpt
$ sudo parted /dev/sdX mkpart “colibri ext3 1 -1”
$ sudo mkfs.ext3 /dev/sdX1

Should I format the SD card with two partitions? The above instruction does not work to VF50?

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For the Colibri Vybrid, we have format_sd script in our release image. It has a -f option which can also create and format a second partition with the rootfs included on second partition and the first partition having the necessary files for update. You can execute the script as follows.

./ -f -d /dev/mmcblk0

The output from help option

Formats and fills a SD card with files for flashing the internal NAND of a
Colibri VFxx. Optionally creates a rootfs partition to allow booting and taking
kernel and rootfs from SD card.

Requires a running U-Boot on the target. Either one already flashed on the NAND
or strapping the board to boot from SD card and booting U-Boot from the card
(only possible on older samples without blown boot fuses).

-h : Prints this message

-d FILE : device file of the SD card
-f      : additionally copy the rootfs into the second partition
-s      : optimise file system for 128MB NAND, increases usable space
          on VF50 module a little, but on VF61 uses also only 128MB

Example "./ -d /dev/mmcblk0" prepares the SD card /dev/mmcblk0

A SD card thus created can then be used directly to boot from by running

run sdboot

from the u-boot command prompt.


I’ve just also booted formatting the sd card in this way:

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