Line by Line read support for CSI camera on ixora board(apalis-imx6)

Dear All,

We need line by line pixel reading support for our End Application.
I need to confirm that Apalis-imx6 provide the “line by line” pixel reading support?

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Nikunj Patel

I guess using GStreamer AppSink which gives you access to e.g. raw pipeline data buffers may be used to also read pixels line by line whatever exactly you mean by that.

Thanks Marcel for your quick reply.

I want sure answer because “Line by Line” camera sensor reading is the “First & Final Requirement of our End Application” and we don’t want to read “whole Frame” Data of capture image.

We already have “ixora board with Apalis-imx6 module” so please provide the steps for fusibility test to read Line by Line data.

Request to all provide the answer as soon as possible.

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Nikunj Patel

I don’t think CSI has any line by line reading functionality per se but it allows reading e.g. sub frames plus as mentioned before e.g. using Gstreamer AppSink you may access the buffer data any way you like also line by line if required.

Dear Marcel,

we don’t want to read whole frame buffer because it will take more time then our desired goal. so we need the support of the driver for the “line by line” reading sensor data.

Can you please share me the link of CSI[MIPI] driver of imx6 so we can review the first?

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Nikunj Patel

hi Nikunj

You can find the MIPI_CSI driver here

Best regards, Jaski

Hi Jaski,

Thanks for your reply.

As per my reviewing the driver does not support any line by line reading support.

no one has used the line by line reading of any camera sensor using the imx6 module? if yes then please share us the reference link.

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Nikunj Patel

Hello Everyone,

Gentle Reminder.

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Nikunj Patel

As far as I know everyone always used IPU (that deals with full frames only) when getting data from the camera sensor on imx6. You may try asking on the NXP support forum if you can somehow abuse the CSI or IPU to get data in a line by line format.

Dear Dominik,

can you please send me the link of NXP support forum?

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Nikunj Patel