Lifecycle of wec7 and wec2013

What does Microsoft’s end of lifecycle (WEC7 2021 resp WEC2013 2023) mean ?
Can Toradex selll boards with WEC beyond these dates ?

Microsoft will likely stop issuing updates for WEC7 and WEC2013 on the mentioned dates. It’s not related to the availability of licenses from Microsoft. They will continue selling them.
We at Toradex will continue maintaining these operating systems as long as we sell modules which have official WEC 7 or WEC 2013 support. As an example you can take WinCE 5.0 where Microsoft stopped its support in 2014. We still maintain WinCE 5.0 BSPs today! We sell modules with WEC 2013 licenses which allow our customers to also use older WinCE or WEC versions on our boards.

In the attached pdf of Advantech I found a End of License date, e.g for WEC7 2026/2/28
Do you know these dates ? Are they relevant to your products ?

Dear @Frax222

We are aware of these dates. Toradex has an agreement with Microsoft, so we can ship products with licenses that are valid for any WinCe version until 2028, with an option to even stretch this time for longer.
So these end-of-license dates don’t have any influence on our products or the way you can use them, until 2030 or even longer.

Regards, Andy