Licensing nk.nb0 file

Hello Toradex Team,

I would like to license my self-created image (nk.nb0) via Visual Studio.

Unfortunately, it was only possible for me to license the nk.bin file.

Is there a trick that I can license the nk.nb0 file?

Unfortunately, I have not found a suitable post in the forum.

Many thanks for your help.

Best regards


nb0 is generated from .bin file, so you can license the .bin and then re-generate the nb0 by running the romimage tool:

Sorry i don’t understand what do you mean with “Visual Studio sepatar leave”.
You should sign nk.bin and then regenerate the nb0 file.
As far as I know, the license code is added to the bin file header and this is then placed in memory.
Can you try to create the nb0 with romimage without signing it first? Does it boot and matches the original one? (I am trying to figure out if there is an issue with romimage).

sorry, my fault, I mixed up the two tools. ROMIMAGE.EXE builds the .bin file, CVRTBIN is the one you have to use.
But if you use CVRTBIN with the same addresses you have in ce.bib:

ROMSTART=80200000 <br/>
ROMSIZE=05E00000 <br/>
ROMWIDTH=32 <br/>

it should work.

Dear @Saphymo
Valter is out of the office for some time. I try to take over the ticket, even though I don’t know the platform as well as Valter.

  • Did I get you right: You were able to license the nk.bin successfully?
  • Do you want to download your licensed image through platform builder?
    If I am right, downloading through platform builder only supports the nk.bin (not the nk.nb0).
    The message “No valid kernel signature!” refers to a corrupted OS image file, not to a missing license.
    For using the UpdateTool you might need the nk.nb0 file.

Regards, Andy

Hello Andy,

many thanks for the answer.

I can successfully license the NK.bin image.

The problem is that I need the NK.nb0 to play the image on the Colibri T30. (Recovery Mode)
Now I’m looking for a way to license the NK.nb0.

I found a tutorial to convert a NK.bin to a NK.nb0 but the generated NK.nb0 image can not be flattened on the Colibri T30.

Best regards


Hello Valter.tx,

Thank you for the fast answer.

When I create the nk.nb0 via Visual Studio sepatar leave with the registry key does not boot the image anymore.

I assumed that the nk.nb0 is different than the nk.nb0 which you can create later.

Can you please give me a more detailed description of how the licensing works?

Many Thanks.

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How exactly do I create the image with romimage.exe?
Where can I get romimage.exe?
So far I have created the image with cvrtbin.

Colibri T30 1GB IT V1.1B SerialNo: 3035963  
RAM: 1024 MB, CarveOut: 2 MB
System ready!
Preparing for download...
Locating kernel image in flash...ERROR: No valid kernel signature!

It doesnt work.

Best regards

Hi @Saphymo
I talked to the T30 BSP developer: As long as you are using our BSP and workspace, the whole build process is set up to stamp (license) the NK.bin and NK.nb0 - by default with the Toradex WinCE license. To use your own license code, all you need to do is enter your license code into the file lic.txt.
For details, of the process, refer to the batch file PostMakeImg.bat.

The NK.nb0 does not need to be stamped again. When you convert a stamped nk.bin, the license is automatically forwarded into the generated NK.nb0 file.

Best Regards, Andy

Thank you Andy,

that helps me.

Is it right, that the standard licence of T30 1.1B is not the C7P for Windows Compact 7?

Best regards


Hi @Saphymo
The license we include is the C13Entry which we negotiated to be also valid for C7NR (plus 2 features). Please refer to the licensing article on our developer website for details about the included components.
Regards, Andy