Libcrypto++9v5:i386 dependency when building with Ubuntu 18.04

Hello, I’ve been building the OpenEmbedded BSP 2.8b1 with my custom layer for the past few months on Ubuntu 16.04. I am insterested in transitioning to Ubuntu 18.04. The Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04 prerequisites are documented as being the same: High performance, low power Embedded Computing Systems | Toradex Developer Center

However, there is no available libcrypto++9v5:i386 package for Ubuntu 18.04 and I am getting build errors when I have attempted to proceed without it. Are there special instructions or notes for building with Ubuntu 18.04 that didn’t make it to the prerequisites documentation?

If not, I’ll dig into it a little further or potentially just revert back to building on Ubuntu 16.04. Thanks.

What exact module hardware type are you planning to build for? You may also find the following answer useful.

Thanks, that answer is useful. And I am building for the Apalis TK1 so the libcrypto++ package is required. I’ll stick to Ubuntu 16.04 for now and perhaps get set up with docker down the road.

You may find the following Dockerfile useful which I lately started using for my OpenEmbedded builds on my private build server. Just replace sumo with your username.