LCD flipping upside down

Any idea on how the LCD will sometimes invert? We saw this today twice. The GM passed by and was not impressed.

If any tests can be made or is this a known issue - please let us know.

I don’t think our module is doing this. I rather think the display (whatever exact make/model you are using) may have pins to configure such flipping/mirroring which is quite common. Now either those pins are kept floating and suddenly go the other way or you hooked them up to something which for whatever reason suddenly changes. I would start with the display data sheet and also check the schematics concerning the same.

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Hello Marcel,

I’ve attached the data sheets - there is no interface pins for flipping things. Can you point me to anything that could be setup wrong on the VF50 LCD controller that I can query?


I am not aware of any mirroring feature in Vybrids DCU.

Pretty sure this is the LCD display. Our EDT 5.7" Display can do this too by means of pin 33 (see page 17).

Do you have a second display output (e.g. VGA)? If yes, you can check what is displayed there.

I am asking about two pins labeled ‘no connect’.

What is with these pins? Is the problem solved now?

I am asking what the pins are. I suspect they are deprecated but still ‘active’ internally.

Thanks for the info on the DCU not being capable of this. (I have also seen the image upside down and reversed at the same time). I am asking about two pins labeled ‘no connect’.

can you give the number of the pins? Which document are you talking about?

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In section 8.1

The datasheet says cleary, that these pins should not be connected to anything. So if you keep them unconnected, the display should work correctly.

In a perfect world that would be true. But… the display flips, and nothing is connected. I am waiting for the supplier to give us their recommendation on fixing the issue. I agree that it is not a Toradex issue.

yeah, check with display supplier. Or you can also try to connect this pins to ground.