LCD Display Setting

We are using a LCD display needs following settings:

Ampire’s 800480S series is DE only mode. The HSYNC and VSYNC are not needed.
I consider that you need give the HSYNC and VSYNC setting to your LCD controller.
You can follow the setting.

Pixel clock : 33.26MHz = CLK frequency FCPH
Hsw + Hbp +Hfp = DE period – DE pulse width=256
Horizontal Synchronization Width (hsw) = 3
Horizontal Back Porch (hbp) = 83
Horizontal Front Porch (hfp) = 256-83-3=170

Vsw + Vbp +Vfp = DE frame blanking=45
Vertical Synchronization Width (vsw) =3
Vertical Back Porch (vbp)=12
Vertical Front Porch (vfp)=45-12-3=30

Details can be found here

Please let me know how to set those parameters on WEC2013 Colibri iMX6 module.

The LCD is displaying OK but has some flickering issues due to those settings not done properly.

I think that those can be valid settings (I’m not including resolutions, polarities etc. only timing-related parameters)


If the screen has the right timings but it’s still flickering you may also consider increasing drive strenght of the LCD lines using the LCDBS parameter.

What are the min and max value of LCDBS parameter? I used 10 (dec) it seems the flickering is gone in our application. But when I open RegEdit the menu bar portion become white with some gray flicker (may not be visible on the pic) on Vertical 90 degree GDI mode. I used value 32 (dec) and after a reboot, I could not see anything on the display. I had to use remote regedit to change the value back to 10.

I have also noticed that this portion flickered while showing bootup text messages on the right hand side (horizontal mode)

What are the min and max value of LCDBS parameter?

For i.MX6 range is 0 to 7 with 7 providing the highest strenght.
The issue you are reporting may be due to wrong polarity for OE signal, try to change value of oep parameter.

I have done some test:

![alt text][1]

In the same piece of hardware, with same registry settings, 1.0B5 LCD is perfect without any flicker on all the windows apps and our own app pages. But the very same setting makes the initial blue Windows screen on 1.1B2 flicker. All other apps and our own app pages are without any flicker. Only the initial blue screen flickers. This flicker gradually goes away after a while, like 20~30 secends. But in 1.0B5 it is crisp after just booted up. I tried to increase the LCDBS to 7 (max) and still has the flicker.

Could you compare the LCD driver between 1.0B5 and 1.1B2?

Between 1.0 and 1.1B2 we changed the polarity of OE signal, this may affect image quality.
You should check the oep settings and change it from1 to 0 or viceversa.