LCD Display Position shifted problem in Colibri iMX6


I’m developing an application in the colibri 512MB emmc (IMx-6DL) development board. This is a custom designed board to launch the application that we are developing in it.

The specifications are given below.

Components Specifications
Carrier board Custom design attached with the schematic
OS Yocto (Zeus) - wayland
LCD-Display AVD-TT56VG-RN-003-A

In this, we are facing an issue in LCD screen display position misalignment which is shown in the figure attached with this.

In the figure, we can see a blank area in the left-hand side of the screen. This it displays the entire function from splash screen to application launch. I tried basic configuration setup from Toradex documents, but I can’t make it correct position. I attached the data sheet of the LCD display. Can you please guide us to configure the display position and solve this issue.

Please consider this as the high priority because it is in the manufacturing stage.

AVD-TT56VG-RN-003-A SP(D).pdf (1.8 MB)

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Could you please provide schematic snippet of your carrier board related to display connection? Please also share a source of Device Tree Overlay you are using for this display. Most likely you need to adjust the hfront-porch / hback-porch values according to the display datasheet.

Hi @ervaskes,

This is a humble request to kindly post your query either on OTRS or community. Sending same query to both place will only create confusion and add further delay inemphasized text reply.

Regarding your query please follow below article which explains about compiling device tree overlay. Once done successfully you need to create one custom overlay with display timings.
Build Device Tree Overlays from Source Code | Toradex Developer Center

take reference from below link what you need to modify for your lcd

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