LCD Backlight config

First off I am very new to linux. So reply like you’re talking to a special person…

I am using the apalis i.MX6 quad with a ixora carrier board for development. I also have a 7" capacitive touch panel connected; which requires a change in the device tree i believe to get the backlight working…

“The Fusion 7” display requires a frequency of 10 kHz to work reliable. This can be specified in the backlight node of the carrier board level device tree"

I understand the code that makes up the tree but I don’t understand how to get to the code and edit it. I also don’t understand how to upload it after making the changes.

I have looked at all the developer pages that relate to making the changes but I don’t quite understand it. There’s a lot more to these systems compared to what I’m used in my previous products.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you are new to Embedded Linux may I suggest you reading an introductory book, taking some courses or at least studying some of the excellent tutorials available as our support might not be the right place for novices.

So I take it you studied the following article on our developer website about device tree customisation:

What exactly about the thematic is still not clear to you?