LCD (320x240) setting with Colibri IMX6

I have LCD display with 320x240 resolution. I have changed the display related settings in colibri_imx6.c file

	.bus	= -1,
	.addr	= 0,
	.pixfmt	= IPU_PIX_FMT_RGB565,
	.detect	= detect_default,
	.enable	= enable_rgb,
	.mode	= {
		.name           = "qvga-rgb",
		.refresh        = 60,
		.xres           = 320,
		.yres           = 240,
		.pixclock       = 120000,
		.left_margin    = 48,
		.right_margin   = 20,
		.upper_margin   = 16,
		.lower_margin   = 4,
		.hsync_len      = 20,
		.vsync_len      = 2,
		.sync           = 0,
		.vmode          = FB_VMODE_NONINTERLACED
} },

I can only see the 2 white straps in the display during booting. Kindly help me in setting the display.

Take a look here:
You don’t need to modify kernel on colibri imx6 in order to change display settings

Thank you for the response. Finally found the error in the settings of the display control signals. The data enable signal of the IMX6 module is set the to active high by default in the display initialization function. But the LCD was expecting active low signal. Found it after lot of trail and error method. Now it is working fine.

int32_t ipu_init_sync_panel(int disp, uint32_t pixel_clk,
			    uint16_t width, uint16_t height,
			    uint32_t pixel_fmt,
			    uint16_t h_start_width, uint16_t h_sync_width,
			    uint16_t h_end_width, uint16_t v_start_width,
			    uint16_t v_sync_width, uint16_t v_end_width,
			    uint32_t v_to_h_sync, ipu_di_signal_cfg_t sig)

	/*if (sig.enable_pol)
		reg |= DI_POL_DRDY_POLARITY_15;*/