Launching Easy Installer via JTAG?

I have an iMX7D SOM that refuses to run Easy Installer via USB. It seems to fail the second enumeration even though I’ve pulled plugs, removed power, and restarted all necessary host software. A duplicate SOM in the same socket programs successfully.

As a last resort I’d like to see if I can load the installer via JTAG. I do see the CPUs on the chain so I know the SOM is powered up and the iMX is alive.

Does anyone at Toradex have instructions on how to load the installer (or, just uboot) into IRAM and execute from there?

We never done it, so no instruction exists.

iMX* OTG port used for recovery is kind of picky about quality of USB connection. One module can work in present setup but another may fail. Could you try to eliminate USB hub usage and try another USB cables or even host machine? Are you using Linux host for recovery?

This is the first module out of probably a dozen that we’ve seen doing this. It’s odd. It’s a Windows host, but we will try another machine to see if there’s a difference.

I’ll look up where in IRAM the SDP version of U-boot gets loaded, it should be possible to use JTAG and copy it directly where it needs to be.