Latest highend module

Hello everyone.
My customer is considering about the microcontorol module that makes it
wiil be able to process a lot of image deta. They concerned the APARIS TK1
that has nvidia image enjine. Is there anyone that has much abilty about image processing than TK1?

Hi @yosuke2021 , thanks for reaching out to the Toradex Community!

Right now, Apalis iMX8 is the most powerful module. It can easily handle lots of image recognition data like you can see here:

But we recently launched Verdin iMX8M Plus that includes an NPU that allows very quick AI-related computation through TensorflowLite and other frameworks.

Without knowing much more, I would recommend these two modules :slight_smile:

Thanks for you reply.
Your information help me.
I’ll check the verdin. thanks a lot.