Large Sip in WEC 6


I have an Iris 1.1A + VF61 CPU with the latest version of Windows CE 6.0 (1.3 not the 1.4 beta). Attached to the board, I have the EDT 7” Display 800x480px resolution. With the default installed SIP (I believe its the small one), typing is hard. Is there a Large SIP for WCE 6.0 that I can use for better typing?


Yes there is large SIP component. You will have to build your own image using our workspace and BSP.

You can download it here →

You will also neet platfom builder for CE 6.0 to build it.

Please download CAB installer file from here, install it on the device and Save Registry and Reboot. You can see large KB option on the right side.