Large keyboard Background/Foreground color issue

I have installed LargeKB_WEC2013 cab installer for my colibri imx6 and enabled large keyboard. Now, large keyboard is coming but the issue is keyboard background color is dark black/brown and foreground color is coming black in my colibri imx6 module. I tried setting the color from controlpanel in Display setting but it is not getting effected.
Please, suggest me the what can i do as a fix. My OS image is Wince 2013.


Could you please share a snapshot of that issue. It will help us to understand the issue better. Also, WinCE image version, Is it IMX6S or DL?

Hi, Raja
here I have added the snapshot of the issue. You can see how Keyboard is appearing in my colibri.

My WinCE Image version is IMX6DL 512 MB V1.1A