LAN Driver avaiable

colibri iMX7, wince2013, Toradex Image 1.1b4
is in the Toradex-Image support for ethernet driver " microchip 7500I-ABZJ " available?

Dear @maha,
I’m afraid we don’t have this driver available. Please ask Microchip for driver support. If they provide you a WEC2013 driver for ARM, we can help you to integrate it into our system.
Regards, Andy

Hi Andy,

thank you for the email.
I will request at microchip, at the homepage I could only see driver for WINCE 6.0 and older.
I don’t know the difference between drivers for WinCe6.0 and WinCe2013. Is it possible to use a WinCe 6.0 driver?

Best regards
Manfred Hauser

Hi @maha

While WinCe6 and WEC7 use the ARM32 instruction set, WEC2013 is fully based on the Thumb instruction set.
For this reason I’m afraid WinCe6 drivers cannot run under WEC2013. The supplier (Microchip in this case) needs at least to recompile the driver for WEC2013.

Regards, Andy

Hi @maha,

Did you ever manage to hear anything from microchip regarding the 2013 driver support?

Hi @mdeiss ,
we got a SMSC7500_CE8.CAB File. This was installed as well as documented by Toradex.
The driver was installed at Flashdisk in a dirctory “System”.
It works well.
regards, maha

Thanks for the response @maha.
Was this file supplied by microchip, or did you have Toradex develop the driver for you?

Hi @mdeiss,
if I am right, SMSC7500 is supplied by microchip,and is written for CE8. But we use it by ce2013 an there are no problems.

regards maha