LabView on Torizon/Verdin


Is it possible to install Labview on a Verdin module running Torizon?

The idea is to use this for function testing the hardware (COM port, I/O’s, SPI etc) prototypes and maybe also for volume production function test.

Possible to develop on a labtop and than run the labview software on the Verdin? Or is it possible to run the Labview IDE directly on the module?

Any guide on how to do this?



I thought NI abandoned ARM world long ago. Perhaps we could find application for LabView on SOM as well if it had better support.

Did you see this


Greetings @TJO,

As @Edward has also stated it seems the LabView support for embedded Linux isn’t very well developed. After some research the best I could find was this: LabVIEW Hobbyist Toolkit Download

The above solution claims to work on similar arm-based embedded linux platforms. Though it doesn’t seem very well tested or maintained as it uses an older version of LabView. In short I would say if you have to use LabView then give this a shot though I imagine things won’t “just work”.

However if you’re flexible then perhaps look into other options that are better supported for arm-based embedded Linux. For example just to give a suggestion, while I don’t know too much about it personally I know internally we, Toradex use LAVA for similar functional testing purposes. Introduction to LAVA — LAVA 2022.11.1 documentation

Though this is just a suggestion as I can’t speak for your specific requirements.

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Thanks for feedback!!

You are welcome.
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