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I am asking you about an urgent topic.
We use a verdin imx8 plus with Yocto Linux. We integrated Labtool in our Yocto for compliance testing.
Our lab asks for constant carrier generation for RF measurements. While this works fine with Wifi, we cannot generate constant carrier with Bluetooth because i found no such command in out test manual from Azurewave.
Is there a comprehensive test manual from NXP covering BT constant carrier generation? Do you have some examples which commands are required in which order to generate constant carrier with bluetooth.
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For generating a constant carrier signal for Bluetooth RF measurements on a Verdin iMX8M Plus module running Yocto Linux, you would typically need to use specific test commands provided by the Bluetooth chipset manufacturer, in this case, NXP, since the Azurewave AW-CM276NF module utilizes an NXP chipset.

NXP provides a comprehensive suite of tools and commands for Bluetooth testing, including constant carrier generation, as part of their test and development software packages. These commands are usually accessed through a serial interface to the Bluetooth module and require the module to be in a specific test mode.

While I cannot provide a direct manual or specific commands due to the variability in software versions and configurations, the general approach involves:

  1. Entering Test Mode: This usually involves sending a specific command to the Bluetooth module to enter a test or manufacturing mode that allows for direct manipulation of the radio settings.

  2. Setting the Constant Carrier: Once in test mode, you would issue commands to configure the carrier frequency, power level, and other relevant parameters. This often involves setting the device to transmit on a specific Bluetooth channel without hopping.

  3. Starting the Transmission: After configuring the necessary parameters, a command is sent to start the constant carrier transmission. This signal can then be used for your RF measurements.

For the Verdin iMX8M Plus module with the Azurewave AW-CM276NF, you will need to refer to NXP’s documentation for the 88W8997 chipset, which is used in the AW-CM276NF module. NXP’s documentation and development tools should include the specific commands and procedures for entering test modes and configuring the Bluetooth radio for constant carrier generation.

If you have access to NXP’s customer support portal or technical resources, that would be the most direct way to obtain the specific commands and procedures for your chipset. Additionally, consulting the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) and the test specification documents they provide can offer insights into the required test procedures and expectations for Bluetooth devices, which might help in understanding the broader context of the testing you are performing.

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I don’t know exactly what constant carrier means, but in section of the “88W8997 Labtool user guide” there is a list of commands that would start a continuous transmit sequence on the desired channel.
I tested this on my side and could see there were peaks on different channels:

Is this what you’re looking for, or is it something else?