Label Printer Driver in Linux Environment


We are using Colibri Vf61. With Linux Version 2.6 and w e plan to drive a Label Printer via USB ( or any similar product.

We would like to know if such printers can be driven by toradex Modules? If Not what procedure should be done to do the same.

We have already referred the link (How to connect to a printer using a toradex embedded device - Technical Support - Toradex Community) about CUPS? How can we make sure if the CUPS is supported for above mentioned printers (or Similar type)

Regards and Thanks


We do not have any experience using Zebra Printers at our End.

As described in the support page of the Printer Zebra GT800, there is no linux driver.
However this page describes, how to use Zebra Printer with Cups.

Cups can be installed (if not already done) using the following commands on the module:

  1. opkg update
  2. opkg install cups

Best regards, Jaski