L2C: failed to init: -19

I can see this error during Colibri boot:

[ 0.000000] L2C: failed to init: -19

Maybe this error exists there from beginning of our usage of Toradex module, and we noticed it only when we start using “quiet” parameter for speeding-up boot process. When quiet parameter is used, only L2C error is displayed.
This error should be produced by void __init init_IRQ(void) function from irq.c kernel source file, which is using int __init l2x0_of_init(u32 aux_val, u32 aux_mask) function from cache-l2x0.c.

-19 should mean ENODEV - No such device

Is this error OK so we can safely ignore it?

Thanks for any comments.

Yes, the Colibri VF50 simply does not feature a level 2 cache controller.

The message has recently been removed in mainline Linux. Our 4.4 based tree already includes that change, you can easily backport the change to the 4.1 tree too:


Thank you guys!