Kernel splash screen , disable kernel messages on splash screen

My platform IRIS 2.0 + IMX8X + LVDS display

I have in kernel CONFIG_LOGO_CUSTOM_CLUT224 and my custom logo_custom_clut224.ppm

Dooring boot I see my splash screen but on bottom screen I see few lines with kernel messages

How to disable kernel messages on splash screen

Hi @MariusM ,

You could try setenv bootargs quiet in u-boot. For further information please refer the information in:

Or, Please kindly refer to the following developer article that gives an insight into how to silence the U-boot and kernel messages:

Let me know if this changes the behaviour.

Best Regards

Thank you kevin.tx

setenv bootargs quiet it did not help

based on the second link
under u-boot:

# setenv tdxargs 'console=null'
# saveenv

or under linux:

# fw_setenv tdxargs 'console=null'
# reboot

it solved the problem

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