Kernel module request: maxim_thermocouple.ko

In our project, we’re using the MAX31855 thermocouple chip. This chip is supported by Linux, but the module is not enabled in TorizonCore (tested in 6.2.0, and also does not seem to be set in the most recent git version I could find).

Could you enable this module by default in future images?

The required kernel config directive is MAXIM_THERMOCOUPLE.

Hardware: Verdin iMX8MP
Software: TorizonCore 6.x

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I have put in an internal request for this kernel config to be supported. I will update you as I get them.

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The request has been placed. It may take up to 2 weeks to be executed. And it will be added to the 6.4.0-devel-202307xx nightlies onward.

If you need to test quicker, it is possible to modify the kernel config with a custom TorizonCore Based yocto build. But this does tend to require quite a bit more work than TorizonCore.


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We’re probably going to do a rough userspace implementation for some initial testing, and then switch to the kernel driver when it becomes available (since a full yocto build is a bit of a sidetrack that I’d rather not jump into right now).

Thanks for the followup!