Kernel crash log in VF61 module

Hi Team,

I have get below kernel crash log in customer board with VF61 module.

please tell me what are these crash log and why they are occurring ??

any solution to stop that.???

LOGS: link text

HI @nikunjp26

Could you provide the version of the hardware and software of your module?

Customised Yocto Image

What did you change in the local.conf?
What is your application? What is running when this crash occurs?

Best regards,

Dear Jaski,

We have our custom board in which we are using the optical connection and there were two different lines Rx and Tx instead of RJ45 connection. if we are removing Tx connection then and then this error occurs.
We just port standard Linux on board and does not run any application.


Hi Nikunjp

Could you tell us which SODIMM Pins are you talking about? Why are not you using the Ethernet Interface?

Best regards,

Dear Jaski,
We are using the Ethernet interface but not use an RJ45 connector. we use the circular connector for Rx and Tx pin only.

Dear @nikunjp26 ,

From your Bootloader log, I noticed that you are using BSP “Colibri_VF_LinuxConsoleImageV2.5_20160610”. Unfortunately, we no longer support this BSP. We only support from BSP 2.7 onwards.

So, we kindly recommend you to update your BSP.

Thanks and Regards,