Kernel configuration for Colibri IMX6 OE(core)

Hi, we’re planning to use Colibri imx6 with Linux in one of our products.
I need to prepare a custom shaped distro with a custom configured Linux kernel.
I followed your description “Open Embedded (core)” and everything builds well… (core-image-minimal bitbake target; angstrom 2014.12).

Now I would need to reconfigure the Kernel. I do bitbake virtual/kernel -c menuconfig and the usual kernel configuration GUI comes up. I do what I’ve to do and I save into .config.

Not clear what I’ve to do now… you’re telling that colibri_imx6 board uses colibri_imx6_config for the kernel… what do I’ve to do ? overwrite colibri_imx6_config with my .config before re-run “bitbake core-image-minimal”?
This doesn’t seems to work. How do I’ve to proceed ?

Thanks, JoeBre

In general to build custom images one need to create a seperate meta layer with customizations required for end product. There is a good blog post by Mr. Max Krummenacher which has instructions and example to do a custom meta layer to build custom images for end product. Please have a look at the blog. Example meta layer source is available here which might be handy for you to start with. Please also refer the Yocto project documentation and oe-core article for more information.