Keep u-boot spalsh screen logo during kernel boot

In my project, I need to display a logo during boot up. In u-boot I’m able to display the boot logo by reading the boot logo file from flash.

But once kernel boot, it re-initialize framebuffer and splash screen is gone. In the following post, it is mentioned that using drm_fb_helper_remove_confliciting_framebuffers we can continue uboot splash screen during kernel boot.

Can anyone give more detail or some example on how to implement the boot logo based on DRM driver.


Customize the logo for SplashScreen in the kernel, example:

Cleiton Bueno

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The post only suggests that using the DRM function drm_fb_helper_remove_confliciting_framebuffers might be a away to go about it. This is not implemented or anything usable at the moment. Implementing it requires kernel development work and understanding of the DRM subsystem. Toradex also does not plan to do so at the moment.

The way to go at the moment is the splash screen logo customization as suggested by @cleitonbueno in the answer section.