K20 MCU UARTs access in Apalis Tk1 Board


Currently I am working on Apalis Tk1 Board, I have to access the K20 UARTs peripherals.
I seen that Toradex gives the FreeRtos firmware for K20 MCU I generated the bin file and successfully flashed it to MCU.
My query is that how I can use these 6 UARTs which are present on K20 MCU, shall I have to write my own firmware for that or FreeRtos source code is enough.
Should I have to write the UART Device driver in Linux?

Hi @kamal12,

Thanks for contacting Toradex community.

Regarding your query I am afraid to convey, currently there is no support to extend K20 UART to Linux. On top of that Apalis TK1 has entered EOL so I would not recommend same. Kindly check Apalis iMX8 for any new development for your requirement.

If you still want to try, there is UART driver for K20 MCU in FreeRTOS source, you may like to try. Additionally you need to write tty driver on Linux side to map/access MCU UART on Linux.If your requirement is just to more UART’s we rather suggest to use external USB UART which is much simpler to implement compared to this approach.

Let me know if you have any queries.
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Ritesh Kumar