K20 firmware cannot be flashed


During the boot process the following errors occur (dmesg):

[    8.450327] apalis-tk1-k20 spi1.1: Error writing to the chip.
[    8.458947] apalis-tk1-k20 spi1.1: Problem flashing new firmware.
[    8.495075] apalis-tk1-k20: probe of spi1.1 failed with error -5

It seems the K20 chip cannot be flashed and because of that the additional GPIOs are not usable. What could be the reason for this? We flashed approx. 30 boards with our image before and all are working well. Could this be a hardware issue?

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You can reflash K20 with:
rmmod gpio_apalis_tk1_k20 apalis_tk1_k20_ts apalis_tk1_k20_can apalis_tk1_k20_adc apalis_tk1_k20
modprobe apalis_tk1_k20
dmesg | tail

There is a small chance that EzPort will fail to program with 2.7b1 due to too high frequency.

Thanks! There were no loaded modules, but “modprobe apalis_tk1_k20” did the trick. The K20 is working now.
Is there a way to guarantee the K20 to be always flashed? After a reboot the issue does not show up any more. Does this mean once the K20 is flashed nothing can go wrong any more?

Firmware is persistent, so once it’s flashed you only need to flash it when updating. In the upcoming Q1 2018 release we’ll include few flashing mechanism tweaks that should eliminate this issue entirely (there are already changes is 2.7b3 that minimised the occurrence of this issue).

Does “updating” mean a firmware update (flashing a new image) or K20 firmware update (e.g. for a newer version)?

Different k20 firmware version. During boot Linux checks version of fw flashed to K20 and if the version number is the same, it skips the flashing procedure.

Thanks alot!

you are welcome.