JTAG on Colibri VF61

I’d like doing some tests on the M4 core of VF61, so I searched some information on JTAG interface.
I found this document, which has a section for Vybrid modules where I find this note:

Note: On Colibri VF61 the JTAG pin JTMS is also used by the on module audio codec. When the operating system (WinCE or Linux) is started, this pin is muxed for audio codec communication use, hence the JTAG connection will break! On Linux, the pin muxing can be avoided by compiling the kernel without the audio SoC machine driver (CONFIG_SND_SOC_FSL_SAI_WM9712).

I need some clarification on what happens when the OS is started on A5 core: is there a way to have JTAG working when A5 runs WinCE 6?
Or, how can I stop the boot of WinCE 6 on A5 core (so that JTAG works)?

You can just enter EBOOT. At that point this pin is not multiplexed.

No way to disable the audio SoC machine driver in WinCE (like in Linux)?

Do you use touch? If not than you can disable drivers under
HKLM\Drivers\BuiltIn\AC97Full and WAVE

this will remove all the multiplexing from that pins.

I don’t use touch so I’m going to try your suggestion in the next few days

@luka.tx I’ve just tried with Keil DS-5, ULINK Pro debugger and Col Evaluation V3.2A + VF61 module.
I have a problem and the debugger is not able to connect to the target.
Is there any special jumper that I should set?
Or some other setup needed on the evaluation board?

I found that the problem is in the X28 connector used by Colibri VF61 module (Pogo Pins).
Electrical contact is not optimal and this break the JTAG connection.

I’m going to buy Colibri fasteners