JTag debugging using the USB-C connector on Dahlia

Verdin iMX8MP q 4GB IT
Dahlia carrier board rev 1.1

Hello, I was following this tutorial. Now it tells that you have to use a seperate Segger Jlink debugger. But on the Dahlia there’s also FTDI to jtag chip which should be able to handle debugging, if I’m not mistaken.

Are there any solutions available to use that instead of the seperate connector?

Hi @Calvin,

You are correct, the JTAG is connected to the FTDI chip, however, you will need an OpenOCD script as we currently don’t have it. You can try to write the script yourself, but unfortunately for now we recommend using the JLink device.

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Hi @Calvin !

Do you have any updates regarding this topic?

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I haven’t taken a look yet in how to do it.
We have ordered the right parts to do JTAG debugging.
With the updated information on the developer.toradex site, we’ve managed to do debugging with a segger, on Linux.
Not yet on Windows.

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