JTAG Debugger/Bootloader

I have Colibri Evaluation board with imX6DL com module. I want to rewrite bootloader and I believe JTAG debugger shall be one of the way and I am using Olimex ARM-USB-OCD 20 pin JTAG debugger for this. I am running ColibriLoader.exe app to access com module and not able to communicate with it. It always comes up with waiting for CPU to response. Any idea how to use it?

Dear @Toradex_h83

The JTAG recovery method along with the ColibriLoader.exe was only used on the Colibri PXA270 and PXA3xx modules, which we introduced almost 15 years ago.

Modern SoCs, including the iMX6DL, come with a built-in boot ROM which allows native recovery over USB. Please use the instructions in the following article to re-flash your module:

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Many thanks for your reply. I have tried this but not able to force it into recovery mode. Not sure what I am missing here. Any suggestions?

Dear @Toradex_h83
Which carrier board are you using?
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Colibri eval board with iMx6dl com module

Thanks for the information. Please use recovery mode.

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