Jittery Display on Monitor From T20 Colibri

I am running a demo program and I am getting this type of display in my monitor.

I have set the Env Variable to support the specific Resolution as of my mointor (1920x1080)
This problem persists in uboot also.

What exact display (e.g. analogue VGA via DVI-A, HDMI via DVI-D or even parallel RGB via unified connector) are you talking about? By software ver 2.8 you mean BSP 2.8b6 or the later 2.8.7 maintenance release?

I am using Standard Analogue VGA Cable with a 24" FHD Monitor Connected with DVI-I to VGA Converter.I am using the latest maintenance release 2.8.7.

You may need to adjust other display settings except resolution. Most likely your pixel clock is out of range.

Could You please tell me how to change the pixel clock and polarity in uboot.

I don’t think our regular RAMdac is really full HD capable.

jittery image is also displaying on 1366x768 Monitor

And that’s via analogue VGA as well? However, 1366x768 would not really be any VESA compliant resolution, I guess.

Yes Via Analogue VGA, So how can I get proper display?

Have you looked at the following article on our developer website yet?