JavaFX on Colibri Vybrid VF61


I would like to use JavaFX on Colibri VF61.

Is there a possibility to realize it?

If yes, what I should do for it, because now I have run-time error (see console outputs in attachment)?

I’ve been using OpenJFX and GluonJFX and error is the same: something wrong by mouse cursor initialization - it freezes.

Both JavaFX libraries was used with Oracle JRE (JDK) 1.8.0_144.

AWT-applications work well.

1) GluonJFX console output,

2) OpenJFX console output

Also I have tried to run this application under ORACLE JAVA SE EMBEDDED 8 Update 6:

Because it has Java FX as it’s part.

This JRE also gives run-time fatal error, see in attachment:
file of console output and log-file. Also I add the jar-application.




We do not have experience with JavaFX, so I cannot tell whether it is possible. It looks like Oracle withdraw from officially supporting embedded ARM (see this email).

It seems that JavaFX and its default renderer prism is written with hardware acceleration in mind. Note that Colibri VF61 does not come with a GPU, so you would have to run the renderer in software… Maybe this is the issue your are seeing? Can you try disabling the hardware renderer/force software rendering? This post shows how to force the software renderer:

Thanks for answer, Stefan.

I used software rendering forced with option “-Dprism.order=sw”, which is mentioned in your link, in all my cases - you can see my console outputs in attachments.

Vybrid uses DRM and the modesetting driver by default, which makes use of the hardware cursor. Maybe this causes problems for JavaFX. You can force X11 to use a software cursor by adding SWCursor on to /etc/X11/xorg.conf

Section "Device"
        Identifier  "FSL-DCU"
        Driver      "modesetting"
        Option      "kmsdev" "/dev/dri/card0"
        Option      "SWCursor" "on" 

Unfortunately it did not give any positive result, the application’s error remains the same.

Maybe using the fbdev instead of the modesetting driver helps? Otherwise, I have no idea… It would require deeper analysis, which we cannot do under support. Maybe the Java(FX) community can help, otherwise I would recommend to contact one of our software service partners.