Ixora with PCIe DAQ card compatibility

I want to ask you. I am planning to build a fixture that will run on MB Apalis and will be connected to the Ixora carrier board. Everything will be linux based and a python script that will control everything. Into this carrier board I plan to plug a PCIe DAQ card from Advantech (for example this one https://www.advantech.com/en/products/1-2mlkc9/pcie-1810/mod_84777e1a-77ba-4e75-b506-9514d47ed5f7), which will measure the voltage on the PCB and also the current using side resistors. Is it possible to combine this card with Ixora? Will there be no problem with pins, drivers, etc.? If so, do you have any experience or recommendations for a better solution than this DAQ? I originally wanted to use a Keysight multimeter connected via LAN, but I’m afraid that this solution would be too slow in production.
The only requirement is that the system should be extremely fast and stable.
Thank you in advance for your reply

The PCIE-1810 card mentioned features a PCI Express x1 form factor, whereas the Ixora board is equipped with a Mini PCIe connector. Although both are electrically compatible, they have different physical dimensions. Consequently, it is not possible to directly connect the PCIE-1810 card to the Ixora board. There are various alternative solutions available, including utilizing an Apalis module built-in ADC . However, in order to provide a more specific recommendation, we would require information about your ADC accuracy and sampling speed requirements. Additionally, could you please specify the exact Apalis module you intend to use?

Hello, thank you for you reply,
Accuracy must be to 1/100 volt. Sampling rate ideally 500KS/S. I want to avoid USB solutions.
I have now ordered this combination for trial: NXP i.MX 8QM Computer on Module - Apalis iMX8
Ixora Carrier Board - compatible with the Apalis modules
Thank you for your support.

The Apalis module standard provides four dedicated pins for analog inputs. These analog inputs are processed by the ADCs located within the i.MX 8 SoC.

Key Features:

  • 12-bit ADC resolution
  • Utilizes a linear successive approximation algorithm
  • Operates within a voltage range of 0 to 1.8V (full scale)
  • Supports DMA (Direct Memory Access)
  • Includes trigger detection capabilities

For more detailed information, please refer to Chapter 5.21 'Analog Inputs’ of the Apalis iMX8 Datasheet.

While the maximum theoretical sampling rate is 24 MSamples/s, please note that reading this data from User space may result in significantly lower speeds. However, it should still be capable of meeting your 500 KS/s (kilosamples per second) requirements.

You can find further details in the article ADC (Linux) | Toradex Developer Center