Ixora V1.0 How to boot a Fedora?

I’m currently trying to install Fedora on my Ixora V1.0 board, but with no luck. I’m new to this type of technology, as I am currently trying for weeks in creating a image of the fedora ARM into a SD card using dd, but the board won’t start a normal installation as you would on a normal PC. It just skips directly into the currently running OS… I’m I missing a step o do I need to do something different in comparison to a PC?

What Apalis module are you talking about? And what version of fedora are you trying to install? What ARM installation instructions are you following?

As for the Apalis module… I’m not so sure but I think is Apalis TK1.

The version of fedora is Fedora-Workstation-armhfp-25-1.3-sda.raw.xz

And I’m following this guide:

I guess the Orange Pi guide may not quite apply to any other random hardware like our Apalis TK1. That said U-Boot from our latest BSP 2.7b2 can boot from an SD card either using distro boot or by legacy sdboot.
Have a look the following thread outlining this.