Ixora Second LVDS Interface


There are two LVDS outputs (LVDS1_A and LVDS1_B) in X19 connector of Ixora.
LVDS1_A is working by set the vidargs in u-boot but what is the purpose of the second (LVDS1_B)?

How can I use it?

Can I use it for dual-mode display?


There are two LVDS channels. You can connect either one dual channel display or two single channel displays. Please refer to chapter 5.5.2 LVDS of Apalis iMX6 datasheet for more details.

Hi @alex.tx
Thanks for your quick reply.
I check the 5.5.2 LVDS section that noted : “Additionally, the Apalis iMX6 is able to interface two single channel LVDS displays. The displays can
have cloned content or can be driven independently from the IPUs.”
I want to use two LVDS channel to display cloned content on two single display. How can I do that?


Please check this topic.