Ixora Power Supply Current Capacity


Our application uses an Apalis iMX6 mounted on the Ixora carrier board, with an additional rider board connected through the Ixora header pins. We are looking to provide a power supply output on this rider board using the V_SUPPLY_FILT_SW net and pin X4.5 on the Ixora carrier board. We are running this system at 24V.

Will the Ixora carrier board be able to handle the increased current consumption if the power supply output is limited to 1A (i.e. if the total current consumption of the Ixora is increased by 1A)? Or more generally, what are the current limits on the Ixora PWR_IN and V_SUPPLY_FILT_SW nets?

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Hi @esilva,

The input power connector X2 (barrel power connector) is rated for 5A input whereas connector X3 (terminal block connector) is rated for about 11A. If you have higher input current requirement, you can choose the terminal block type power connector.

We have not tested the current capacity of the trace connected to the connector X4, pin 5.
The trace width of copper connecting the header X4 pin 5 is 1.2mm. It is a dedicated trace from the load switch/FET to the connector X4 (not shared elsewhere on the PCB, Ixora V1.1), it should be able to handle 1A or higher continuous current, without any significant rise in the copper temperature.

Let us know if you have any further query.

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Satyan Raj