Ixora Carrier Board v1.2a + Apalis imx6 USB Multi-Touch Support?

I want to use a new touch screen display (mentioned in versions) via usb interface. Do my module and carrier board support multi-touch feature via usb interface(without any debug or setup operations) ? Also, does Ixora’s I2C interface works without any trouble with this touch screen display?
Thanks for your replies.

Greetings @sevginurb!

Usually USB touchscreens are USB HID devices and supported out-of-the-box in Linux. All USB touchscreens I have tested so far have worked just like that.

About the I2C touch controller, I see that the display you linked uses the CYTMA568 touch controller from Cypress. This should be supported by the cyttsp_i2c.c driver on Linux. Considering you’re using a version of the Linux kernel that ships that driver, all you have to do is enable this in your kernel config on your Yocto build and set up your device tree correctly to make it work.